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Saturday, June 13, 2009

OMG...I love Having Peter in my head 24/7

The search for 500K followers on Twitter

I follow Peter on Twitter. He has had "Single Ladies" song in his head for quite some time now. He twittered about it, he infected me. I am now singing randomly "If you liked it should put a ring on it" OMG...srsly!

Well, now I freaking dreaming about him getting to a half a million followers! How more obsessed can I be, I am up after going to bed at 1am and it is now 545am CST? I am dreaming about the man in a totally non-sexual way. Can you believe this-in a nonsexual way? I want to see this video of his friend walking down Hollywood BLvd in a bikini-Peter is thinking it will be yellow (do not sing the yellow polka dot song Cathie) holding a sign that says Twitter me while singing 'Single Ladies', if for some reason the Twilight Fandom fails Peter in this conquest, then Peter has to give up his Twilight actors chair to his friend. I think for our entertainment purposes seeing a grown man in a bikini singing is more fun! Lets do this!

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