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This is a blog to celebrate and appreciate the wonderful casting job of the Cullen Men. Feel free to drool, daydream, and hallucinate about these wonderful men and the georgous characters that they play.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Notice Rob and everyone looking in KStew's direction? I am sure he is thinking, 'fucking birdy KStew dissed me on national tv for best kiss....I will show her birdbrain ass in Eclipse.' Then again why is everyone staring in her direction EXPECT for Ashley Greene! I love that girl....she is so my girl crush! She is a Cullen and can give the tingles out! LOL

RPatz best line ever!

Please let it not be shit and let it be his penis! DEAR ROBERT I know you meant your penis, deep down I am sure your pants can't contain all your British loverod! Please I need to stop thinking of your Penis......HELP ME Robert, you are my only hope!


Why you got to be a bitch KStew? Did you see his face? Was Oregano in the audience or are you that bad of a kisser?

New Moon

Enjoy before it gets pulled!


Yeah.....I have been looking at this picture too much since last Saturday. That jaw line, the sweat, his neck, his lips. EEK! I am a married woman and thinking of a man 8 years younger then me. I know that is very wrong of me, but I can't help myself.

He exudes sex and self confidence on stage. His smile is contagious, his sex eyes, the way he works the crowd.

I didn't drive to Philly to see 100 Monkeys live-I could care less, I liked their music, but not enough to warrant the drive, I went to Philly to meet my girls and have kid free weekend time. Jackson was the cherry on top, the creme de la creme. His jaw though has invaded my thoughts....damn jaw bone.....sweat......smile.....lips.....damn veins.....sweat.....his voice......his persona. It was really awesome to be less than 2 feet from him and say high and tell him he is an awesome actor and give him a shirt and hear him tell you he thinks the shirt is really cool and see his smile.

I also meet some awesome people on that trip as well, Abby and Kristina. We have kept in touch and I am glad for that. Maybe they would love to write on this blog one day. I know one of them is more team Emmett than me and the other is team Jacob. LOL. Me, I am all team Jackson and Robert! Damn their jaw bones! Bones should NOT look that freaking great!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am going to cry-movie spoiler

I decided last week that I wasn't going to watch or view any NM material. I want to be surprised with Chris's vision of this book. I don't want to ruin my present. It makes the blogs I visit and read real quick. Then Volterra happened and pictures were leaked, my mouth dropped to the floor drool come out of the sides of my mouth rendering me speechless and a bubbling fool. I think my panties got saturated faster than a corvette can go from 0-60.

This is my favorite scene in the book and I think when they show this on a 50 ft screen-um yeah bring out the tissues. The passion is there between the two of them-there is no denying it. It also helps that Rob is HOT and has been working out. He is going to look fantastic....I hope they can do better sparkle.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jackson and his sexy voice....

Had to share this wonderful video with my fellow bloggers. His vooice is so sexy...hell he is so sexy. You all can join me in major jizzage over this man. Yummy

Monday, May 25, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I would like to say

That I am happy 100 Monkeys decided on a venue! Thank you guys. I will see you on Saturday at 9pm in front! I will the one wearing all black! This trip has been dubbed Slapperfest 2009! Camera is ready, liver is ready for major detoxing action that will be needed on Sunday, got dirty thoughts running through my mind over J.Action.

Seriously this man is HOT! He has taken over my Robert Obsession! I will always adore Robert, but Jackson needs some Twilight Appreciation and Love!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My own version of a Dear John letter.....

Dear J.Action,

I love you. You know that right? I decided a month ago one late night too look up 100 Monkeys. I fell in love with the sound. So different and the band is an indie band-I support starving artists. I noticed you WERE playing in NJ, cool I think! I can go there and hook up with some buddies of mine and see you live. All is set in motion. Then 2 weeks ago, your band changed venues to Kenny's. Okay cancel that NJ hotel, rebook hotel in Southampton. Make reservations for dinner at Kenny's to guarantee entrance in venue to get up close and personal to you. I mean those plans stuck for a good 10 days or so. Then Friday, I am getting all these texts saying once again your lovely band changed venue again! Cancel Southampton room, get new room in Philly. Find out this is a order ahead of type event. I am thinking you will stay with this event, yes?

As I was saying I love you J.Action and your band; but if you change the venue again 4 days out-I am afraid I will have to break up with you and not support the 100 Monkeys. Oh and coin purse kicking will happen. I NEED you to understand that you have to stay at new venue-I am afraid my hubby will not be happy with any more long distance calls to verify hotel/band/reservation calls. Oh and if this club sells out of tickets, so help me someone-there will be blood. It wouldn't be so bad, if I knew for certain you were coming to IL, but you aren't yet.

I think the Twi-moms fans are responsible for all this venue changing! We all want to show are support of the band and all its members. I know there is a Jared, 2 Bens, an Uncle Larry and a Jackson and a banana manager.

That is all for now J.Action. Consider yourself warned! This is your only warning!

Cathie who will hopefully still love you come Saturday night at 9pm!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Rob!

Can I say the DNA molecules are doing a great job on this man! Look at his jaw line. SWOON! I love men that have stubble on their face, it makes for more fun, IknowyouknowwhatImean!

You are gem in this world. Stay true to yourself and be good to yourself. That is all I ask.

Some how this song is no longer in the playlist and it is one of my favorites from him!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I am conflicted!


Basically this woman found the movie script of NM in the trash can and returned it back to Summit. It has not been authenticated, but she is being rewarded with seeing the movie as it premieres opening weekend.

I would have done the same, but I would have photocopied it and placed it under my bed and been on it like a ham to cheese in a sandwich.

Then again, it would be like the worst possible way to spoil a present, you know, if in fact it was the real script!

There are some good people in the world and they do the right thing!

12 more days!

Yes this blog is getting a lot run down with Jackson, but I am excited! I snagged that from Livejournal

Great thing I love their music!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Since my hubby is protesting my new hair

I found this over at Twifans:

He likes it and now all is right in the world! Thanks Jackson! This hair length is so much better-the one time shorter is better. I know you aren't short....oh I must stop before I get all tingly in my nether regions.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What we will not do

I figure there is enough blogs out there to report all the goings on the set of New Moon and all the other projects the cast is doing and I can't afford to stalk sets or the nightlife of the cast. I am a 32 year old mom of 2....I try to have what appears to be a normal life in the midst of Twilight fever. Even though, Kellan will be an hour from me doing his Nightmare on Elm Street movie....yet I am resisting the urge to find out the exact details.

What we can do, is post hot pictures.....with our comments. They make our hiney tingles in uber major ways!

We can tell you about great smut fanfiction.....dear lord, I get caught up in them....I lose all track of time and sense of family fulfillment.

We can post pictures of us at the upcoming get together of Slapperfest 2009 in PA to see 100 Monkeys-okay I will admit that is a little obsessive to drive 800 miles to see Jackson, but I am dubbing it my Mommy's day gift and seeing some great friends WITHOUT the kids in tow....so it is not that bad. What can go wrong with 7 women at a bar, drinking and dancing and oogling Jackson? That is right! Nothing can go wrong.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May I interest you in 100 Monkeys?

That is right in 16 days a few girls (some people from this blog) from around the continental United States are hooking up and hitting Burlington, NJ up! We are going to see Jackson's band! We dig their music, we dig them and we want to get together for a night of laughs and giggles and drinks galore!

We hope to meet him and get some pictures. We also DO know the other band members names. There is Jared, 2 Bens and Jackson. We don't want to appear as total Twi-mom losers, you know.

Why does Jackson and Robert make smoking looks so damn sexy? I tried to smoke and look dumb and unsexy, they smoke and might as well be lighting up a freaking Rolex 24 k gold cigarette! Holy Hotness!