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This is a blog to celebrate and appreciate the wonderful casting job of the Cullen Men. Feel free to drool, daydream, and hallucinate about these wonderful men and the georgous characters that they play.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

See what I did to him

I laid him down in the water and made his ass wet. My bad. Oh well, those pants need to cum off now anyway! Remember family motto of his: Nicely...but firmly....Hiney tingles are approaching!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I have been on a Jackson kick lately

I found this image of him and naughty thoughts arrived in my head. I mean c'mon I can lie him down in the water and run my fingers through his hair and be a naughty girl with him! I know he doesn't get much publicity as Robert or Kellan, but he is HOT! Very much so. I dig him.

I think all men should dress like this, okay at least my husband-he needs to get out of the sweats and t-shirt mode.

He makes my hiney tingle so much. Oh I am seeing his band 100 Monkeys in Jersey over Memorial Day weekend! You bet your ass I am going to try to meet him!

oh and his family motto of Nicely but Firmly.....did not do well with the images of him I have of him! I would love to experience him nicely but firmly all night long.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Sims Life with the Cullens

Introducing the Cullen's

Poor Edward is Over there all by him self, Not to worry ladies

As he is all mine now ;)

We got Married in a beautiful ceremony in the Snow with all his family
We even laied under the stars

Best part is we get to WooHoo all the time,

and Ladies He is the best ever :0

Ever Wonder why the Cullen's never cook? Well here is your answer..

Surprised they didn't Burn their house down.

Just look at Edwards face He is all like

What!? What!?

And for your Viewing pleasure,I wanted to make sure I posted Edward on the potty, And look he is even reading the news paper ;) But believe me You do NOT want to go in there when he is done..LMAO

Hope You enjoyed this Broadcast Message

Stay tuned for the Death of Bella.;)


I was told about a movie called Hurt starring Jackson. So I goggled the movie deets and I can't find a release date. I will have to wait. Patience is not my thing, me and waiting do not go together well.

Anyway....why did I have to search through 33 pages of google images to find Jackson shirtless? It wasn't even full on frontal chest shot either. I see Kellan shirtless on the first page. He is too sexy for his shirt, Robert is shirtless (it can be photoshopped whatever) 3 pages in. He is modest. I get it. Peter has his chest showing in 2 pictures on the first page. Hell lets google the images for TL-yes typical teenage boy showing his abs in three pictures on the first page.

Hello Jackson, please show us your chest more. Same for you Robert. You two are hot, I need to see more skin. Thankyouforyourcooperation

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I have a confession

Dear Office of Names Person,

I realize you are busy, but can you tell me who approved of the Facinelli last name and its pronunciation? I talk fast and it never comes out right. It comes out as Fineashell

Or most commonly Peter Fuckable. I know I am acting on behalf of Peter, but the evidence presents itself. Is he not Fineashell or Fuckable? I knew you would agree with my assessment.
Thanks for your attention to this matter

Saturday, April 25, 2009


So I was browsing today and that picture over at Pillow Biters caught my attention. Hello Kellan please bite me like that..you look SUPER DELICIOUS and I am told I TASTE SUPER DELICIOUS....please I am asking this of you: Oh, for the love of all that’s holy I NEED you to bite me! kthanksbye!


I was awoken by my loving, erratic hare-brained husband. I am using that term loosely. He woke me up and said I will watch Twilight with you. I jumped out of my bed and landed 5 feet away and was like YES, you are so getting lucky tonight. Then he says follow me, so I did and he got on the computer and showed me this. He then hit the sample link and I watched it and told him to fuck off. The funny part was them making fun of KS acting skills.

So should I kill him or humor him? You tell me.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Comparison picture to one below

He might do more manscaping now, but they pictures look similiar....see the way his ass curves in on the side. Okay I said his ass and I have to take a cold shower. I am looking at his pubes too much for 840am on a Friday. He makes me naughty. My hubby thanks him. My oogling the Cullen men is his very happy gain!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

HOT...HOT...FUCKING HOT,..check out the hair and I dont mean the stuff up north......****Drool****

I am picking myself up off the floor....OMG....drooling, I can feel the "O" coming....ugh...***moans***

Monday, April 20, 2009

More Smutty Comments!

Lainey is something else, but her pics fuel my naughty thoughts for this man. Shoot me now kthanxs!

I should not have naughty thoughts about his man while he is standing in front of a church sign. I think I covet him too much. If I confess my sins, will I have to Hail Robert? I think I can hail him.

Then the sign says push to enter and I am pushing, but I can't enter. Damnit all to hell. Oh well.....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nightly Convos....

So Nikki and I were chatting on facebook, like we do most nights. People will tell you they think we are vampires. We aren't-we know the Cullen are fictional-but dammit why do they have to be? Stephenie, we blame you for the Cullen men for taking over our lives with sparkly HAWT vampires. Okay maybe the actors are to blame. They got some fine DNA going on!

Anyway, I digress. So our nightly talks always turn to something sexual. I blame RP for my sudden spike in hornyness.....I mean c'mon.....hello jawporn! It is hard to just put one picture up.....damn his fine jaw. I want to lick his jaw bone and nibble....how does a freaking jaw bone turn on a girl? Nevermind millions of women with the same thoughts of his jaw. There I go again digressing about that damn jaw of his. EGAD....I will get to the point of this post....hold on being distracted again by his hawtness

Okay getting to the point of this post. We obsess about Robert, we talk about Robert, we dream about the man, we want to take him home with us. We talk about going to Vancouver to seduce him. All this comes about from an innocent topic of what we did on a Sunday afternoon.
Snippet of conversation: Never mind typos.....we type fast when we are all worked up thinking about Robert...you would too!

Nikki:What should we title the post (the one below)

Cathie: I have no clue

Nikki:would they get offended of I wrote "kellan and peter...Hot Damn"

Cathie:nah it is about all teh Cullen men. Then I give her this link Robert...Who and write who the hells carries around a Twilight book with them to a freaking club?

Nikki:who knows, weirdos?

Cathie:that shit is too funny-in regards to the post below. I would stalk Robert like no tomorrow if I was in Vancouver

N: I am right there with you sista.

C: then I would be like uh uh duh

N:I would do the talking for you (isn't she a fantastic friend)

C:with drool hanging out my mouth trying to think of something to say the man
or I would say the first thing that came to mind and it would be Please fuck me

N:"yeah this is my friend Cathie, she is majorly jonesing for you, can you help her out, we have a hotel room near by"

C:fuck the room

he can take me right there

you can join in

N: yeah that would ruin his career when the pics hit the net

sex in public (she is always so rational and on the lookout for his career)

C: what a way to ruin it

N: r u kidding, we don't want to share his goods for the whole world to see, that is for our eyes only

C: okay I will try to control myself until we get to the car

N: much better (she has all the self control)

C: the car has to have tainted windows

N: Yes

C: this is the shit we should be blogging about (I am always swearing)oh woman alive the things I would do to that man (yes I am random in my thought process)

N: the threesome would be awesome, he would never want to leave (mind you we have never done 3somes, but willingly to consider for the sake of Robert)

C: got that right

once he has the best he ain't going to want the rest

N: nope

fuck all those other women, he is ours

see I can share if it is with the right person

so you copyin and pastin? (talking about this here post, she has random thoughts as well, hence why we get along so well!)

C: I got distracted by RP pics of him at the mertopole


Now you have a glimpse into the minds of Cathie and Nikki! We are crazy ass chicks

Kellan & Peter....Hot Damn

These pants are holding back my junk. I gotz to adjust my belt.

Kellan is like oh I have to sing this Robert song...that man is my idol

yeah her trying to ride a bike and cliff dive. might as well eat her now

Man that Jacob is a pansy ass our vampires ass can take him down

Peter-the hand never leaves my belt-I gotz to contain my jizz

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I guess he is not perfect afterall

He is a fantastic guitar player and he failed at Rock Band!!! I have tried to play many times, but I am not coordinated enough to hit the buttons and do that bar!

But look at his fingers....I bet those things are magical in their own special way!!!!

Peter on Bonnine Hunt

Peter needs to be mentioned....after all he is a 'Cullen' man!

Perfect Timing!

My son Jacob and I were at an indoor water park and I took him on his first waterslide! He was scared, but being the great mom I am, put in on the tube and told him to hold on and enjoy the ride!

So he is screaming in delight as we go down and tells me we have to do this again! I oblige the little man. He asks me 'Mommy, what am I feeling?'

Now wait for it.....

Wait for it.....

I tell him 'you had an adrenaline rush, it is common, you can google it.' To which he replies 'Mom, I am not Edward!'

I about peed my bathing suit! I mean how more perfect of a response to his question!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Robert Ode

All I want in my whole life
Is to curl my fingertips up against your spine
To hear you moan and to reel
To groan as I kneel
To feel you peel your flesh from mine
And know that you are satisfied
As I lick and devour
Your power over me.

courtesy of a great slapper!

Well CullenHiney Tingles Queen is home

I was on vacation and I see my fellow Hiney Tingle Girls were absent from posting! They best have a great excuse like they were raped by Robert, Kellan, Jackson or Peter or I am going to have to ground them.

Well anyway enjoy the RobPorn!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Twilight Nominated...

The 2009 MTV movie awards are coming up and Twilight has been nominated for several categories. Follow the link below, vote, and help our favorite movie win as many as possible.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My new Product idea

I have decided I really don't want to work in the economy-it suxballsk?

So I have decided that I would take it upon myself to go up to Vancouver and meet Rob and the other "Cullen" Men. Here is the idea-make real life versions of the men's junk and manufacture vibes. I mean who wouldn't love to have a real life size miniRP, miniJackson, MiniPeter, or miniKellan. I say mini loosely meaning I hope they aren't mini and acutally nicely equipped down there! Getting the boys to cooperate might be a problem, but I am going to try. We can really be millionaires as I see once these 'toys' hit shelves there will be none left in less than 5 minutes.

See a need fill a need!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Jackson IS a sexy thing

Giving Jackson a post of his very own.

And a pic of Rob that I particularly like...

"Ode to Rob" - by FM21

Dear Rob,
Oh, how I do love thee,
Please make love to me.
I don't care if you stink,
I'll bathe you - *wink, wink*.
From your luscious lips,
to your sexy hips,
I can't help but stare
I'll kiss you everywhere.
Your in my dreams nightly,
In which you hold me tightly.
Oh, Rob, your the hottest hot,
And I love when you kiss that spot.
Oh, wait, that's my fantasy,
Sigh...this is what you do to me.
I can't ever even concentrate,
You must be my soul-mate.
No, I'm not some crazy girl-fan,
But you are one fine, fine man.
You can come to me anytime,
My hubby won't even mind.
Because you are my free-pass,
So, come and bring that sexy ass!
Hugs and Kisses,

Introducing Sara

Another Slapper comes out to play! I'm Sara, single mom of 3 great kids and complete Twilight Junkie. LOL I'm secretly trying to figure out how to Get Edward and Jasper in bed(especially a dirty 3some) ;) In the meantime I'll work on testing and Development for BoRPattz! LOL I hope I didn't give too much away ;)

Clips and news on Rob from MTV News

Here are some clips and highlights from Rob's upcoming movie "Little Ashes"


Rob is just a tool...a big hard tool!

found over at ROBsessed. Many F Bombs-my favorite word!

Today on Good Friday

How shall I worship The HOLY GREATNESS on this HOLY DAY?

First I shall wear this

Wait for The Cullen Men to show up at my door.

Seduce them with a homecooked dinner-this is special- because lately I hardly cook. I rather be looking at Robjaw Porn. Or a barechested Kellan or Emo Jasper or Peter in his Boxers.

Anyway in Honor of Good Friday this will be Rob when he walks into my house and sees my outfit and a homecooked meal....he will be speechless. We won't eat the meal, b/c we will be having the sexy time right there in the kitchen.

This post was thought about by Cathie and is based on her dreams last night.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hello All

I guess it is my turn to intro myself. I am Nikki and like Cathie, I am totally addicted to Twilight and the Cullen Men. I also did not want to over-run my blog with Twilight talk and my obsession because my family and friends do not understand my obsession. So when Cathie asked me to help out, I was so excited. Just another way for me to live through my guilty pleasures.

This should be a fun and interesting blog with the many different writers we will have on here. There will also be lickable pictures and various other things to make this place enjoyable. I would like to thank Cathie for the wonderful idea and inviting me along to help. I am really excited about this and looking forward to all the fun.

Happy Hiney Tingles to all.


Hey you all, this is Cathie. I had an idea to start a blog on the Twilight Saga only b/c my personal blog was always having RP and the other Cullen men on it and taking away from my true purpose of blogging about my kids adventures and my mishandling of those adventures. I knew I would need help in this adventure and wanted some other people's writing style also reflected on the blog.

So a fellow and talented Slapper, Nikki, signed up to help with this blog. We meet on a Twilight message board, became friends on Facebook and well the rest is history. There is no turning back for us in this obsession of Twilight. We have been up to 2am the past couple of nights thinking of this blog and what we wanted to do with it. We really want to have fun, be naughty and have a grand old time.

Give Nikki a shoot out! She is amazing and talented and so patient. She designed the banner and layout and we both learned about coding on blogger. I did the really really hard crap! I found the music and embedded it. I broke a sweat. LOL!

Enjoy the Cullen Hiney Tingles and let more of the obsession begin!

New Moon Movie posters created by me.

Time to kick off the Hiney Tingles

All shall worship me on Good RobDay