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Friday, July 3, 2009

Feel the need to send Monkey Mail?

As some of the Twilight people know, Mr. Rathbone (god why does he have such a naughty sounding last name) and a few of his buddies have a band called 100 Monkeys. You can send them guitar picks-they are in dire need of them.
100 Monkeys
P.O.Box 48617
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Some people don't like their music, some people do. I like their music. It took me a few times-okay months-to listen to them. I turned the music on and was like shut it off.....making my ears bleed. Seriously, I couldn't stand the music. I am being honest here. Then one day, I was in a really crappy crappy mood and went to my trusty Myspace and clicked on Jello......and I laughed hysterically at the made up song. Then I made my way to the music again....I slowly started liking it. Now it is like I will listen to them here, I will even drive to PA to listen to them there, I will listen to them anywhere.

So he is one HOT SEXY MONKEY! I want him to be my Monkey Man....

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