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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vagina Osmosis

I have it bad. This is when you look at pictures and all fluids leave your body and are somehow transported to your panties. Your mouth feels like cotton, your skin is taut with dehydration, but yet, the panties are soaked and you are horny for unattainable men.

I have this osmosis on a daily basis. I am a 30 year something lusting after 20 year old men. WTH is wrong with me? No 20 something has ever given me vagina osmosis-like ever. All men should dress like this daily. Vagina Osmosis #1
Can I join you there, Jackson. Look he has a treasure trail. HUGE ASS VAGAINA OSMOSIS #2
He looks all innocent and sweet here. Man can dress Vagina Osmosis #3

Seriously get me a new pair of panties. The ones I am wearing are soaked through and through.

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  1. OMG I seriously just cried from reading that!! And I agree with you 100% on it. The dreams I have about that man!! Lmfao