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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yeah.....I have been looking at this picture too much since last Saturday. That jaw line, the sweat, his neck, his lips. EEK! I am a married woman and thinking of a man 8 years younger then me. I know that is very wrong of me, but I can't help myself.

He exudes sex and self confidence on stage. His smile is contagious, his sex eyes, the way he works the crowd.

I didn't drive to Philly to see 100 Monkeys live-I could care less, I liked their music, but not enough to warrant the drive, I went to Philly to meet my girls and have kid free weekend time. Jackson was the cherry on top, the creme de la creme. His jaw though has invaded my thoughts....damn jaw bone.....sweat......smile.....lips.....damn veins.....sweat.....his voice......his persona. It was really awesome to be less than 2 feet from him and say high and tell him he is an awesome actor and give him a shirt and hear him tell you he thinks the shirt is really cool and see his smile.

I also meet some awesome people on that trip as well, Abby and Kristina. We have kept in touch and I am glad for that. Maybe they would love to write on this blog one day. I know one of them is more team Emmett than me and the other is team Jacob. LOL. Me, I am all team Jackson and Robert! Damn their jaw bones! Bones should NOT look that freaking great!


  1. Ok that picture is just HOT!! No Team Emmett or Jacob here. I agree with you, Jackson and Rob by far. :-)

  2. I feel special. I was mentioned in your blog. LOL