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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May I interest you in 100 Monkeys?

That is right in 16 days a few girls (some people from this blog) from around the continental United States are hooking up and hitting Burlington, NJ up! We are going to see Jackson's band! We dig their music, we dig them and we want to get together for a night of laughs and giggles and drinks galore!

We hope to meet him and get some pictures. We also DO know the other band members names. There is Jared, 2 Bens and Jackson. We don't want to appear as total Twi-mom losers, you know.

Why does Jackson and Robert make smoking looks so damn sexy? I tried to smoke and look dumb and unsexy, they smoke and might as well be lighting up a freaking Rolex 24 k gold cigarette! Holy Hotness!


  1. And for those of us that can't attend, you must take lots of pictures and videos and if you really love me, you'll get the band to sign something for me. ;)

  2. You better check the schedule. I think they may be performing in Philadelphia instead of NJ


    You will have a great time!