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Sunday, May 17, 2009

My own version of a Dear John letter.....

Dear J.Action,

I love you. You know that right? I decided a month ago one late night too look up 100 Monkeys. I fell in love with the sound. So different and the band is an indie band-I support starving artists. I noticed you WERE playing in NJ, cool I think! I can go there and hook up with some buddies of mine and see you live. All is set in motion. Then 2 weeks ago, your band changed venues to Kenny's. Okay cancel that NJ hotel, rebook hotel in Southampton. Make reservations for dinner at Kenny's to guarantee entrance in venue to get up close and personal to you. I mean those plans stuck for a good 10 days or so. Then Friday, I am getting all these texts saying once again your lovely band changed venue again! Cancel Southampton room, get new room in Philly. Find out this is a order ahead of type event. I am thinking you will stay with this event, yes?

As I was saying I love you J.Action and your band; but if you change the venue again 4 days out-I am afraid I will have to break up with you and not support the 100 Monkeys. Oh and coin purse kicking will happen. I NEED you to understand that you have to stay at new venue-I am afraid my hubby will not be happy with any more long distance calls to verify hotel/band/reservation calls. Oh and if this club sells out of tickets, so help me someone-there will be blood. It wouldn't be so bad, if I knew for certain you were coming to IL, but you aren't yet.

I think the Twi-moms fans are responsible for all this venue changing! We all want to show are support of the band and all its members. I know there is a Jared, 2 Bens, an Uncle Larry and a Jackson and a banana manager.

That is all for now J.Action. Consider yourself warned! This is your only warning!

Cathie who will hopefully still love you come Saturday night at 9pm!

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  1. That is so funny but I have to totally agree. They change venue again and heads are going to roll