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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Sims Life with the Cullens

Introducing the Cullen's

Poor Edward is Over there all by him self, Not to worry ladies

As he is all mine now ;)

We got Married in a beautiful ceremony in the Snow with all his family
We even laied under the stars

Best part is we get to WooHoo all the time,

and Ladies He is the best ever :0

Ever Wonder why the Cullen's never cook? Well here is your answer..

Surprised they didn't Burn their house down.

Just look at Edwards face He is all like

What!? What!?

And for your Viewing pleasure,I wanted to make sure I posted Edward on the potty, And look he is even reading the news paper ;) But believe me You do NOT want to go in there when he is done..LMAO

Hope You enjoyed this Broadcast Message

Stay tuned for the Death of Bella.;)

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  1. Oh we have to keep the Cullen Sims going! Death to Bella!