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Sunday, April 26, 2009

I have a confession

Dear Office of Names Person,

I realize you are busy, but can you tell me who approved of the Facinelli last name and its pronunciation? I talk fast and it never comes out right. It comes out as Fineashell

Or most commonly Peter Fuckable. I know I am acting on behalf of Peter, but the evidence presents itself. Is he not Fineashell or Fuckable? I knew you would agree with my assessment.
Thanks for your attention to this matter


  1. I have to fully agree with your statements there Cathie. I mean seriously how do you pronounce that??? I like your last names better.


  2. Hi there Cathie! Funny blog - luuurv the name - and the sims post is awesome!!

    I think it's pronounced "FACH-in-elli - i read somewhere in my twi-travels that he uses that "hard c" pronunciation, so it's NOT Fas-in-elli.

    But you will probably just want to keep on using "Fuckable" at this point - lol!!

  3. fuckable yes ;) very very fuckable ;)

    hahah people people people! it's fass-eh-nelly (fass like as in fasten)