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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nightly Convos....

So Nikki and I were chatting on facebook, like we do most nights. People will tell you they think we are vampires. We aren't-we know the Cullen are fictional-but dammit why do they have to be? Stephenie, we blame you for the Cullen men for taking over our lives with sparkly HAWT vampires. Okay maybe the actors are to blame. They got some fine DNA going on!

Anyway, I digress. So our nightly talks always turn to something sexual. I blame RP for my sudden spike in hornyness.....I mean c'mon.....hello jawporn! It is hard to just put one picture up.....damn his fine jaw. I want to lick his jaw bone and nibble....how does a freaking jaw bone turn on a girl? Nevermind millions of women with the same thoughts of his jaw. There I go again digressing about that damn jaw of his. EGAD....I will get to the point of this post....hold on being distracted again by his hawtness

Okay getting to the point of this post. We obsess about Robert, we talk about Robert, we dream about the man, we want to take him home with us. We talk about going to Vancouver to seduce him. All this comes about from an innocent topic of what we did on a Sunday afternoon.
Snippet of conversation: Never mind typos.....we type fast when we are all worked up thinking about Robert...you would too!

Nikki:What should we title the post (the one below)

Cathie: I have no clue

Nikki:would they get offended of I wrote "kellan and peter...Hot Damn"

Cathie:nah it is about all teh Cullen men. Then I give her this link Robert...Who and write who the hells carries around a Twilight book with them to a freaking club?

Nikki:who knows, weirdos?

Cathie:that shit is too funny-in regards to the post below. I would stalk Robert like no tomorrow if I was in Vancouver

N: I am right there with you sista.

C: then I would be like uh uh duh

N:I would do the talking for you (isn't she a fantastic friend)

C:with drool hanging out my mouth trying to think of something to say the man
or I would say the first thing that came to mind and it would be Please fuck me

N:"yeah this is my friend Cathie, she is majorly jonesing for you, can you help her out, we have a hotel room near by"

C:fuck the room

he can take me right there

you can join in

N: yeah that would ruin his career when the pics hit the net

sex in public (she is always so rational and on the lookout for his career)

C: what a way to ruin it

N: r u kidding, we don't want to share his goods for the whole world to see, that is for our eyes only

C: okay I will try to control myself until we get to the car

N: much better (she has all the self control)

C: the car has to have tainted windows

N: Yes

C: this is the shit we should be blogging about (I am always swearing)oh woman alive the things I would do to that man (yes I am random in my thought process)

N: the threesome would be awesome, he would never want to leave (mind you we have never done 3somes, but willingly to consider for the sake of Robert)

C: got that right

once he has the best he ain't going to want the rest

N: nope

fuck all those other women, he is ours

see I can share if it is with the right person

so you copyin and pastin? (talking about this here post, she has random thoughts as well, hence why we get along so well!)

C: I got distracted by RP pics of him at the mertopole


Now you have a glimpse into the minds of Cathie and Nikki! We are crazy ass chicks


  1. Bedroom eyes, sex hair, jaw porn. Damm Robert Pattinson...

  2. Y'all are such slappers! ;-) When you're done with Rob, send him my way...I don't mind sloppy seconds or even thirds...

  3. Are you just finding out that she is crazy? I could have told you that awhile ago and saved you some time.