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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I have been on a Jackson kick lately

I found this image of him and naughty thoughts arrived in my head. I mean c'mon I can lie him down in the water and run my fingers through his hair and be a naughty girl with him! I know he doesn't get much publicity as Robert or Kellan, but he is HOT! Very much so. I dig him.

I think all men should dress like this, okay at least my husband-he needs to get out of the sweats and t-shirt mode.

He makes my hiney tingle so much. Oh I am seeing his band 100 Monkeys in Jersey over Memorial Day weekend! You bet your ass I am going to try to meet him!

oh and his family motto of Nicely but Firmly.....did not do well with the images of him I have of him! I would love to experience him nicely but firmly all night long.


  1. OMG I have soo been on a Jackson kick here lately too , ever since I saw hi m on Criminal Minds that night, Those pics are sexy and yummy ;)

  2. You have gotten me on a Jackson kick, thanks! That first photo is just.... mmmmmm!