Welcome Slappers and Fellow Twihards

This is a blog to celebrate and appreciate the wonderful casting job of the Cullen Men. Feel free to drool, daydream, and hallucinate about these wonderful men and the georgous characters that they play.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hey you all, this is Cathie. I had an idea to start a blog on the Twilight Saga only b/c my personal blog was always having RP and the other Cullen men on it and taking away from my true purpose of blogging about my kids adventures and my mishandling of those adventures. I knew I would need help in this adventure and wanted some other people's writing style also reflected on the blog.

So a fellow and talented Slapper, Nikki, signed up to help with this blog. We meet on a Twilight message board, became friends on Facebook and well the rest is history. There is no turning back for us in this obsession of Twilight. We have been up to 2am the past couple of nights thinking of this blog and what we wanted to do with it. We really want to have fun, be naughty and have a grand old time.

Give Nikki a shoot out! She is amazing and talented and so patient. She designed the banner and layout and we both learned about coding on blogger. I did the really really hard crap! I found the music and embedded it. I broke a sweat. LOL!

Enjoy the Cullen Hiney Tingles and let more of the obsession begin!


  1. You give me too much credit and making me blush. The right to make me blush is reserved for these very FINE gentlemen for whom this blog was started for. lol

  2. You know I make you hiney tingle! Admit it!

    You are awesome though!