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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I was told about a movie called Hurt starring Jackson. So I goggled the movie deets and I can't find a release date. I will have to wait. Patience is not my thing, me and waiting do not go together well.

Anyway....why did I have to search through 33 pages of google images to find Jackson shirtless? It wasn't even full on frontal chest shot either. I see Kellan shirtless on the first page. He is too sexy for his shirt, Robert is shirtless (it can be photoshopped whatever) 3 pages in. He is modest. I get it. Peter has his chest showing in 2 pictures on the first page. Hell lets google the images for TL-yes typical teenage boy showing his abs in three pictures on the first page.

Hello Jackson, please show us your chest more. Same for you Robert. You two are hot, I need to see more skin. Thankyouforyourcooperation

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